State Innovation Councils

NInC is facilitating the setting up of State Innovation Councils in each State to create a cross-cutting system to boost innovation performance in the country. The State Innovation Councils will replicate at the State level what NInC is undertaking at the national level. The Councils would drive the innovation agenda in the states and harness the core competencies, local talent, resources and capabilities to create new opportunities.

Each State Innovation Council will support its respective State Government to promote innovation in the State; encourage young talent and local universities, colleges, medium and small scale industries (MSME), and R&D institutes; map opportunities for innovation in the State; identify and reward talent in innovation and disseminate success stories; organise seminars, lectures, workshops on innovation; create a State innovation portal to educate and drive awareness or innovation; and provide input into the Innovation Roadmap 2010-2020 for the State.

Important Resources:-

  • NInC Members as mentors in SInCs
  • Communications from NInC
    • Letter dt. 31-Dec-2013 to all Chief Secretaries and Chairpersons of SInCs; and letter dt. 7-Jan-2014 Conveners of SInCs regarding Formulation of IAPs and uploading the innovations in the States on state's official website.
    • Letter dt 3-Jan-2014 to all Chief Secretaries and Administrators; and letter dt. 6-jan-2014 to Convenors, Member secretaries of SInCs regarding Global Innovation Roundtable 2013 organized by the National Innovation Council on 18-19 November, 2013
    • Letter dt. 18-Dec-2013 from Mr U K Sangama, Secretary, M/o Development of North Eastern Region to all Chief Secretaries of NE States
    • Letter dt. 22-Oct-2013 from Expert, NInC to Chairpersons, SInC
    • Letters dt. 18-June-2013 from Expert, NInC to Chief Secretaries regarding SInCs | Letter 1Letter 2
    • Letter dt. 29-May-2013 from Expert, NInC to Chief Secretaries underlying a spectrum of actions to be taken to build innovation eco-system
    • Letter dt. 29-May-2013 from Expert, NInC to Chairpersons, SInC (other than Chief Secretaries) underlying a spectrum of actions to be taken to build innovation eco-system
    • Letter dt. 29-June-2012 from Member Secretary, NInC to Chief Secretaries suggesting a range of innovation driven initiatives
    • Letter dt. 4-Oct-2010 from Chairman, NInC to Chief Minsters to consitute State Innovation Councils
  • Brief note on State Innovation Councils
  • List of Constituted State Innovation Councils their compositions, TORs and update on activities
  • Presentations
    • Presentation on Role of NInC and SInCs on Building Innovation Eco-system
    • Presentations by various stakeholders during 8th NInC Meeting on 25th June, 2013
  • Other Information
  • Minutes of the Meetings and the Events of various the State Innovation Councils.
  • Contact Details of State Innovation Councils


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