National Innovation Scholarships

Creation of a separate scholarship stream for National Innovation Scholarships analogous to the National Talent Search Scheme

Innovation Scholarships are intended to be an initiative to institutionalize innovative thinking in youth. The objective of the National Innovation Scholarship Scheme is to identify students from 8th to 12th classes, including children of the same age group not attending regular schools or children out of school, who think creatively, laterally and innovatively on issues that they perceive as important. The scholarship will continue upto class 12 or age 17 (for those out of school). The scheme will have a multiplier effect by getting parents and teachers to value creativity and innovation and will help to spread the culture of valuing innovation in the school system. This award is aimed at encouraging innovative thinking and problem-solving, rather than open-ended creativity. There will be up to 1000 Scholarships awarded every year followed by regional mentoring workshops and a national innovation showcase. The scholarship will be in the form of a one time award, coupled with incentives and support at every stage of the innovation.

Progress: NInC has already submitted its recommendations to the Ministry of Human Resource Development. The Ministry is working out the final details and the scheme is expected to be launched shortly.

Read the Recommendations on National Innovation Scholarships

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