Tod Fod Jod

Igniting Youth Innovation with Tod Fod Jod Centres at Schools and Colleges

To foster Innovation at an early stage and to create an innovative mindset in the youth, NInC has proposed the creation of Tod Fod Jod (TFJ) centres in schools and colleges. The aim is to provide a hands-on learning environment where students can de-construct, re-construct or re-purpose everyday objects that they see or use.

TFJ will not only alow students to understand the scientific principles behind everyday products they use, but also help the expand their horizons to larger concepts and application to enable them to solve real world problems. For instance, student typically do not know the inside of ceiling fan, TFJ sessiosn help them understand how mechanical, airflow and electric concepts and components are used together to solve the common problem of cooling.

NInC has conducted TFJ sessions in selected schools and feedback from students highlights a complete change in perception of students towards machines and devices. They have become more curious and inquisitive - critical for nurturing an innovative mindset. It is hoped that Tod Fod Jod centres will develop as a way to excite and challenge young minds in a fun learning environment.


Tod Fod Jod Initiative is being piloted at several locations across India, with NInC sessions being held at selected schools in Delhi, Vadodara and Karnataka. The pilots are aimed at school students, with different levels of sophistication and hands-on-learning. More than 4,000 kids mostly rural have attended hundreds of TJF sessions.

Tod Fod Jod Mela was celebrated on 21st January 2013 to acknowledge the potential of innovative kids and provide an occasion of TFJ mentors to share their experience. The mela saw an overwhelming response from 12 schools, where more than 250 students participated and brought their TFJ items for display.

A Portal is also being developed for Tod Fod Jod (TFJ) initiative of National Innovation Council to disseminate and aggregate information about the initiative and to engage the TFJ community. The Portal can be accessed at
Facebook link for Tod Fod Jod :

Tod Fod Jod Journey so far

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