Tribute to R Gopalakrishnan

R Gopalakrishnan

1955 - 2012

A Tribute

Mr. R. Gopalakrishan, a 1979 batch IAS officer and the Member Secretary of the National Innovation Council was a visionary thinker, a leader with immaculate intellect, and someone who worked tirelessly to translate our ideas into implementable actions on the ground. My long association with Gopal made me appreciate his immense integrity and dedication as a one of his kind person who displayed immense integrity and dedication in everything that he undertook. We will feel his loss going forward.

Sam Pitroda

Chairman, NInC

“Mr. Gopalakrishnan was one of those rare civil servants who combined a profound respect for the sanctity of government processes  with a deep insight into how businesses work and the practical imperatives of time, constantly arriving at outcomes in the best interests of the nation “

Saurabh Srivastava

Member, NInC and Chairman, CA Technologies

“Mr. Gopalakrishnan was an astute bureaucrat and an exceptional human being. His exemplary work as additional secretary in PMO during the last decade, and in National Innovation Council lately, despite his prolonged illness, was highly inspiring and reflects his intellect and his passion to work for the people and development of the country. I feel privileged to have worked with Mr. Gopalakrishnan during my association with NInC as a member. We in CII would continue to translate his vision into action by integrating innovation into industry operations.”

 Mr Chandrajit Banerjee

Member, NInC and Director General, CII

One could not help be awed by the immense courage and humility of Mr. Gopalakrishnan. Courage to continue life and work with utmost normalcy while battling the life threatening forces that were engulfing him from within;  humility for his ability to be compassionate to every point of view, despite his incredible intellect and achievements; to be open to anything new, exciting and innovative on the horizon. 

It's been an honour, pleasure and a huge learning experience to have known and interacted with Mr. Gopalakrishnan over the years as a colleague, mentor and friend.

Shekhar Kapur

Member, NInC and Film Director and Producer

Gopal was a man of integrity and deepest dedication to the causes he believed, which included the timeless ideals of humankind. I first met him when I was a member of the NKC and his quiet, gentle and professional attitude left a deep impression on me. It is a sad loss to the country that a person like him was snatched away at a time when people of his ilk are needed most.

Sujatha Ramdorai

Member, NInC and Professor, TIFR

Gopal was one of the most authentic professionals I came across in last three decades. He would say what he meant and his heart was always in the right place. I met him first in 1982-83 at Alirajpur, then part of Jhabua district, Madhya Pradesh where Ravi Mathai was leading an action research project on similar people, dissimilar administrative systems. Gopal knew the limits of the system but always tried to transcend them for a larger social purpose. I am sure he will continue to inspire younger officers in the Indian administration and others to leverage their social privileges for the well-being of disadvantaged people.

May his tribe grow.

Anil Gupta

Member, NInC and Professor, IIM Ahmedabad

Gopal was incredibly selfless. I often wondered whether he was real. God does not seem to make too many like him. I wonder why.

R. Gopalakrishnan

Member, NInC and Executive Director, Tata Sons

Mr. Gopalakrishnan epitomized contribution of intellectual brilliance with an extraordinary compassion, a true Gandhian in spirit and practice, a champion of inclusive, innovation who will be missed in NInC always

Samir K Brahmachari

Member, NInC and Director General, CSIR

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