Industry Innovation Clusters

Innovation can be a platform to fill the economic and knowledge divide and the right ecosystem becomes vital for such innovation to foster. The Innovation Clusters initiative seeks to bring out the needs of both industry and academia and provide a means of addressing the needs through pro-active regional ecosystems of collaboration. NInC will catalyse and facilitate creation of such innovative clusters through Cluster Innovation Centers (CICs) which will act as hubs for connecting various regional/national actors and stakeholders in symbiotic relationships. These CICs will then drive need based innovation in the clusters connecting demand to supply and sharing information/knowledge among the stakeholders.

For successful innovation in clusters a suitable ecosystem, where open interactions between the stakeholders are present, is imperative. Innovation benefits from cross-fertilization between organizations and needs to break the traditional barriers for knowledge sharing and move towards co-creation of knowledge. The most significant barriers for innovation in industry are skill shortages, lack of effective collaborations, insufficient capacity building and inability to manage innovation successfully. However, sustainable and accessible mechanisms to address these are virtually non-existent and need to be put in place. Various interventions seen till now have not addressed industry requirements from this perspective yet. Recognizing the need for such innovations, the NInC proposes to seed, strengthen and create Industry Innovation Clusters across the country. Such innovation clusters will aim to foster vibrant ecosystems with active linkages between stakeholders and aid the cluster in satisfying demand-driven requirements.

To diffuse innovation culture, NInC proposes to seed Cluster Innovation Centres (CICs) in industry clusters. This centre will act as a networking hub/arm of the cluster, forge linkages between various stakeholders, initiate and assist innovation activities acting as catalysts and facilitators. With a lean management structure, this body will aid the cluster and its ecosystem in connecting with each other, provide guidance to various stakeholders when needed, organize initiatives to promote growth, channel various incentives that benefit the cluster and act as an incubating body managing the growth of innovation in the cluster. Thus, by actively engaging with everyone associated with the cluster and by being a universal well-wisher constantly seeking improvement to the next-level, the CIC will ensure that the cluster imbibes and sustains an innovation culture.
Please refer to the Industry Innovation Cluster Concept Note for a more detailed understanding.


 Caselets on Industry Innovation Clusters


The United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, along with the authors, presented the findings of the Global Innovation Index 2013 Report at an event in Geneva on the 01st of July. One chapter in the Global Innovation Index 2013 Report is dedicated to the Innovation Clusters initiative of the National Innovation Council (NInC), chaired by Sam Pitroda, Adviser to PM.  Read more.

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