Ministry of Law & Justice

The Ministry has decided to set up a Sectoral Innovation Council with the following composition and terms of reference:-

Smt. Neela Gangadharan, Secretary (Justice)


  1. 1. Dr. D.R.Meena, Secretary, Department of Legal Affairs; and
  2. Shri V. K. Bhasin, Secretary, Legislative Department


  1. Justice S.N. Dhingra (Retd.)
  2. Prof. Moolchand Sharma, Vice-Chairperson, UGC
  3. Prof. Pratap Bhanu Mehta, President, Centre for Policy Research, New Delhi.
  4. Prof. K.D. Rao, Registrar, NLU, Delhi
  5. Shri Suhaan Mukherjee, Lawyer
  6. Ms. Pallavi S. Shroff, Lawyer
  7. Ms. Vrinda Grover, Lawyer
  8. Prof. Ved Kumari, Director, SJA, Delhi
  9. Ms. Maja Daruwala, Director, Commonwealth Human Right Initiative
  10. Ms. Flavia Agnes, Director, Majlis
  11. Dr. Raj Kumar, Vice-Chancellor, h dal Global Law School.
  12. Shri D.K.Mohanta, Law Secretary, Assam
  13. Shri Samir Mathur, Principal Secretary (Home), Haryana
  14. Shri P. Siddalingesh, Law Secretary, Karnataka
  15. Ms. Swati Mehta, lawyer and Project Manager, UNDP supported Project on Access to Justice for Marginalized People.
  16. Smt. Snehlata Shrivastava, Joint Secretary, Department of Justice-Member Secietary
  1. The Council shall be constituted for the entire Ministry of Law and Justice. For the ease of focused deliberations, it may be divided into sub-groups of the Legislative Department, and the Departments of Justice and Legal Affairs and the respective Secretaries will chair the sub groups.
  2. The Sectoral Innovation Council will have the following Terms of Refernce:
    1. To map the opportunities for innovation in the sector of Law & Justice.
    2. To spell out clear strategies and initiatives for operationalising the innovative ideas;
    3. To suggest ways to leverage ICT and other developments in science and technology for achieving sectoral excellence.
    4. To conduct a constraints analysis including review of the organisational flexibility to deliver proposed innovations and results, and make recommendation to address these; and
    5. To prepare a roadmap (2010-2020) for decadal innovation in the sector of law and justice along with broad deliverables to be achieved at the end of the decade, with speedy access to justice as the main objective.
  3. The Sectoral Innovation Council may co-opt experts as member and form sub-groups as required with the approval of Chairperson.
  4. TA&DA for non-official members shall be paid as per the GOI rules.
  5. This issues with the approval of Secretary (Justice).


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