Ministry of Small Micro and Medium Enterprise

    1. The Prime Minister has constituted a National Innovation Council to create a Roadmap for Innovation for the Decade of Innovation, 2010-2020, focusing on 5 key parameters namely Platform, Inclusion, Ecosystem, Drivers and Discourse.
    2. The aim is to re-define innovation to go beyond R&D laboratories and factories to offer novel solutions that lead to inclusive growth, foster appropriate eco-system across domains and sectors to strengthen entrepreneurship, focus on key drivers to ensure scalability, sustainability, durability and quality.
    3. To drive the innovation agenda in the country across the MSME sector, it has been decided to set up a MSME Sectoral Innovation Council with the following constitution and terms of reference:


    1. Shri Uday Kumar Varma, Secretary (MSME) - Chairman.
    2. Shri Saurabh Srivastava (former Chairman, NASSCOM)
    3. Prof. A.K. Gupta (IIM, Ahmedabad)
    4. Prof. Vinay K. Nangia, (NT, Roorkee)
    5. Ms. Uma Reddy, (CMD, Hitech Magnetics and Member of NMCC)
    6. Dr. Jaijit Bhattacharya, (Director, H.P)
    7. Dr. P.L. Dhar (IIT, Member KVIC Board).
    8. Shri Mohan Suresh, (ex-President FISME)
    9. Shri Prakash Lohia, (Managing Director, Merino Group of Industries)
    10. Dr. Shyam AgarwaL AS & DC (MSME)
    11. Dr. H.P. Kumar, CMD, NSIC
    12. Shri Arun Kumar Jha, (DG, NIESBUD)
    13. Shri Amarendra Sinha, Joint Secretary (MSME)-Member
  1. The Terms of Reference of the Council will be as under:
    1. To prepare a road-map incorporating enabling policies,
      programmes, schemes, etc., that will lead to MSMEs adopting innovative solutions to the challenges facing them, keeping in mind the unique core competencies, talents, resources and capabilities of this sector.
    2. To evolve an enabling framework for Innovation in MSME
      sector by focusing on the following:-
      1. Map opportunities for innovations in the MSME sector.
      2. Help create innovation eco-systems in the sector.
      3. Encourage young talent and local universities, colleges, industries and R&D institutes and establish linkages.
      4. Identify and reward talent in innovation and disseminate success stories.
      5. Organising seminars, lectures on innovation.
      6. Provide support to promote innovation in the sector.
      7. Provide inputs for an enabling and self-sustainable system for updating /helping the legislative framework for recognition of IPR issues, "utility patents" as well as "petty patents".
      8. Suggest enabling systems for proper commercialization and returns to the innovator, including a self-sustainable framework for domestic and international commercialization.
      9. Conceive market access for such innovations within the country and abroad.
      10. Encourage innovations in public service delivery in the sector.
  2. The Council may create sector-specific Sub Councils in the identified sectors given the specific necessities of that sector.
  3. The Council may invite any other domain expert(s) as a Special Invitee.
  4. The Secretariat of MSME Sectoral Innovation Council will be located in the office of National Small Industries Corporation (NSIC), New Delhi. Suitable nodal office/ officers would be put in place for the same.


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