Ministry of Shipping

The Government of India has declared 2010-20 as the 'Decade of Innovation' with a focus on an inclusive growth. To create a Roadmap for Innovation 2010-2020, the Prime Minister has constituted a National Innovation Council (NlnC). Further, to drive the innovation agenda in the country across various sectors and to harness the core competence, local talent, resources and capabilities to create new opportunities, Sectoral Innovation Councils have been proposed. The proposed Sectoral Innovation Councils should include domain experts from academia. Industry, civil society, executives from professional societies with proven track record and deliver a sectoral Roadmap within 6 months by focusing on the following:-

  1. Map opportunities for innovation in the sector;
  2. Help create innovation eco-systems;
  3. Encourage yound talent and local universities, colleges, industries, R&D Institutes;
  4. Identify and reward talent in innovation and disseminate success stories;
  5. Organise seminars, lectures, workshops on Innovation;
  6. Provide support to promote innovation in your sector;
  7. Encourage innovations in public service delivery;
  8. Prepare a Sectoral Roadmap for Innovation 2010-2010


Secretary, Shipping



Chairperson, IWAI



Chairman, NSB



DG, Shipping.









Chairman, Gujarat Maritime Board









Shrl L Radhakrishnan, Chairman, JNPT.



Prof. G. Raghuram, IIM, Ahmedabad.



Shrl Krishna Bhai Kotak, JM Baxi & Co.



Shri R. Kishore, Chairman, IPPTA.



Shri H. Mittal, Mercator.



Shri B. Sridhar, Bengal Tiger.



Shrl Yuddhisthir Khatau, Varun Shipping.



Capt. V. Kumar, Bharati Shipyard.



Shrl Nikhil Gandhi, Pipavav Shipyard.



Shrl TusharJani, AMTOI.



Shri Bharat Seth, great Eastern Shipping Co.



Shri Vijay Kalantri, Dighl Port.



Shrl Mazumdar, Lawyer, Mumbai.



Shri Antony Prince, Ship Designer.



Shri Praveen Chakravarty.



Capt. Sarabjeet Singh Makkar.


Note: Other Members will be co-opted in due course.

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