Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports

The undersigned is directed to refer to your letter dated 24th January, 2011 on the subject mentioned above and to state that in accordance with the decision taken in a meeting chaired by Shri Sam Pitroda, Adviser to the PM on Public Information Infrastructure and Innovationson 15th January, a separate Sectoral Innovation Council for Youth Affairs has been constituted by Department of Youth Affairs. The members for the Sectoral Innovation Council in respect of the Department of Youth Affairs are as under:-

  1. Secretary (YA)
  2. Joint Secretary (YA)
  3. Director General (NYKS)
  4. Programme Adviser (NSS)
  5. Director (RGNIYD)
  6. Dr. Jai Kumar Mitra. C-524, C.R. Park, New Delhi-110019
  7. Shri Yogesh Sachdeva, G-28, Lajpat Nagar-II. New Delhi-110024

The TOR specific to the Department of Youth Affairs are as under:-

  1. To make recommendations on the appropriateness of broadening the mandate of the institutions in the field of youth development towards, holistic youth development focusing on theory and actions oriented research including data collection and its impact evaluation.
  2. To examine the feasibility of introduction of new dimensions relevant for youth development and synergize it with changing needs and aspirations.
  3. To examine the role of private players including corporate houses to meet the growing needs and demands of the changing profile of youth.
    This issues with the approval of Hon'ble MOS (I/c), YAS.





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