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Pitroda moots setting up of Sectoral Innovation Councils

These sectoral innovation councils will drive sectoral innovations.

“Identify domain experts from industry, government research laboratories, academic institutions from all sectors and create Sectoral Innovation Councils.” This was Advisor to the Prime Minister On Public Information Infrastructure and Innovations, Sam Pitroda’s advice to the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) on the occasion of “Decade of Innovation--India@year1” an event jointly organized by CII and the National Innovation Council (NInC).

These sectoral innovation councils will drive sectoral innovations, be it in industry, in academia, in R&D labs or in any part of the society, said Pitroda. He also emphasized the need for recruiting young professionals in every sectoral council for innovating, translating and implementing innovation initiatives. 

The second agenda for CII, suggested by Pitroda, was to transform existing industry clusters into innovation clusters by mentoring, networking with knowledge and financial sectors, training in elements of innovation such as industrial design, intellectual property rights (IPR) and technology.

The third agenda for CII, he suggested, was to create “Innovation Czars” in industry. Each industry should create a position of Innovation Leader who would anchor industry’s in-company innovation initiatives. He emphasized the need for scouting and promoting “local innovation heroes” so that people could relate to them as role models.

The fourth agenda for CII, Pitroda suggested, was to create training materials and modules on innovation. CII should work with Delhi University, MS University in Vadodara and others to create various modules of such training materials which would cater to various levels of human resource.

The fifth agenda, he said, was for CII to create more and more innovation and design schools in the country. “Although we have many design schools in India but the quality of such schools needs continuous upgradation,” he said.

Mr Pitroda has requested CII’s Innovation Council, chaired by Dr. Naushad Forbes, to make a detailed presentation to NInC in order to work together towards a common goal.

Source:-India, Nov 16, 2011

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