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Gandhian Model for development to lead towards Inclusive Growth - Sam Pitroda

Jaipur: "India today needs to rethink on its model of development as the western model is neither sustainable nor scalable, and at some points, not desirable." said Mr Sam Pitroda, Advisor to the Prime Minister on Public Information, Infrastructure and Innovation while moderating the session on "Shared Connectivities: Message of Mahatma Gandhi". The session was held as part of the 10th Pravasi Bharatiya Divas (PBD) 2012 organized jointly by Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs (Government of India), Government of Rajasthan and Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) at Jaipur.

Speaking at the session, Mr M Choonee, Minister of Arts and Culture, Mauritius said "We need to look into an effective strategy to reinforce cultural connectivity among Indians across the globe and we can do this by moving ahead on the path shown by Mahatma Gandhi." Giving examples from the Mahatma's life, Mr Choonee suggested an action plan which included aspects like nurturing of local languages and dialects, efficient use of new technologies, quality sociological research on Indian diaspora, practical experience of the rich & diverse culture for NRIs and PIOs, education for the people from the weakest section of the society and their economic empowerment.

Datuk Dr S Subramaniam, Minister of Human Resource, Malaysia, highlighted the heterogeneity of the Indian diaspora in terms of languages, professions, economic and social profile. Speaking on the relevance of Mahatma Gandhi's principles in today's scenario, he said "Gandhi ji always believed in fair distribution of wealth and equal rights for all citizens. He said that economic freedom, social freedom and moral freedom are as important as political freedom and this statement resonates more with today's scenario than it did back at the time of independence." Dr Subramaniam emphasized on the importance of individual moral perfection, socio-political justice and equality through non violent means and introspection of leadership.

Sharing his views, Mr Harinder Takhar, Minister of Government Services, Ontario, Canada said "Mahatma Gandhi always believed that India's culture is in the hearts of Indians. The truth in his views can be felt when I see the Indian community in Canada who are still as connected with their motherland through the bonds of language, religion, art and media. Infact the importance of media in reinforcing cultural bonds is huge and it is acting as the most effective medium in popularizing Indian culture across the world."

Source: Indian Education Diary,  January 09, 2012

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