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Pitroda set to give boost to MSMEs

Source: Deccan Chronicle, 29, March 2012

The National Innovation Council (NIC), headed by Sam Pitroda — adviser to the Prime Minister on public information, infrastructure & innovations — has taken up eight pilot projects in diverse fields such as ayurveda, bamboo, brassware and life sciences in order to improve their profitability.

“We are looking at existing innovations and how they can be improved, especially since micro, small & medium enterprises (MSMEs) represent 45 per cent of the manufactured goods being produced in the country and are responsible for 40 per cent of all exports,” Dr Pitroda said.

“From the 5,000 industrial clusters in the country, 200 hubs are large in size and are centres for the production of a wide variety of goods. We want to connect them to local universities, financial institutions and to knowledge partners so they can improve their R&D capability, access capital and also gain from inputs from sectorial experts and mentors,” Dr Pitroda said.

Stressing on the need to create an innovative ecosystem for each MSME, the first pilot project was started in November 2011 and already eight industrial clusters have been brought into this scheme. Dr Pitroda expressed confidence that he will have 21 partners by 2013.”

One cluster identified in Krishnagiri in Tamil Nadu aims to improve the storage and handling protocols of mango pulp which is presently generating 1,50,000 tons. The industry employs 2.5 lakh people and has a turnover of `700 crores and the aim is to provide new scientific inputs to improve storage and handling techniques.{jcomments off}

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