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Pitroda team to present 10 business projects

Source: Deccan Chronicle, May 30, 2012

Kerala’s chief mentor Sam Pitroda has drawn up a roadmap for the realization of the ten growth ideas he had proposed for the state.The theoretical architecture of each of the ten proposals was unveiled by him at a meeting with the chief minister and the cabinet here on Monday.

Business plans for each of the projects will be ready by August first week. “All the projects will start between 2012 and 2014,” Pitroda said.

For the preparation of business plans, the projects will be shared. Five projects will be developed by the state government, four by the NInC and one jointly.

The projects to be taken up by the state are: skill development, tapping the potential of retirees, modernization of traditional industries, health insurance and high-speed rail corridor.

A core group – involving state chief secretary, Planning Board vice chairman, and finance and planning secretaries – will prepare the business plans under the state’s charge.

Pitroda’s projects are: coastal shipping, e-governance, global capital of Ayurveda and knowledge city. “Waste management will be our joint responsibility,” Pitroda said.

Coastal shipping: No direct investment is involved. The aims are to decongests road traffic and effect fuel savings of over `800 crore.

E-governance: Under this, the state will be connected to the National Knowledge Network and Rural Broadband.

Knowledge city: A self-contained city of trans-disciplinary studies will be set up, which will include within its scope holistic medicine, world institute of mathematics, archaeo-metallurgy, genomics, and green energy.

Ayurveda: Stress will be on to spread word globally about the efficacy of Ayurveda. For this, clinical evidence will be collected on a large scale.

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