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Go beyond the blackboard for learning, says Sam Pitroda

Source: DNA India, August, 5, 2012

“India needs a new way of learning other than the routine blackboard, chalk, duster, exam, graduation and convocation ceremony. The opportunities are galore on the Net. Thus instead of going to school and limiting the boundaries of education, we must have a new way of learning,” said adviser to the prime minister, Sam Pitroda.

He was speaking at the first convocation ceremony of Indian Institute of Science Education Research (IISER) at Pashan on Saturday. Recently, Parliament enacted a law enabling the six-year-old institute to award degrees. A total of 91 degrees in integrated courses in basic sciences were awarded on the occasion.

Pitroda said, “Today, the learning environment is rich. A teacher’s role must be that of a mentor. Are we designing courses where teachers can be mentors?” Biotechnology, geriatrics, nanotechnology and material sciences are the key areas for finding solutions to the complex challenges that our country faces, said Pitroda, adding India needs to focus on science and technology.

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