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Press Release of Google Hangout on 15th march,2013

The Planning Commission and the National Innovation Council (NInC) have initiated an effort to communicate the 12th Five Year Plan through social media platforms to enhance public participation and citizen engagement. As a step in this direction, the Planning Commission is hosting its first Google Hangout on the 12th Five Year Plan on 15th March 2013 at 5 PM - 6 PM.The Google Hangout will be attended by Montek Singh Ahluwalia, Deputy Chairman; Sam Pitroda, Chairman, NInC, Members and the Secretary of the Planning Commission who will answer questions from the public and from a panel invited to attend the Hangout.

This is a first step in leveraging social media for engagement on the 12th Five Year Plan and over the next few months, the Planning Commission will publicise the content of the Plan on several other social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube on which it already has a presence.

The Google Hangout takes forward the inclusive process followed by the Commission in writing the Plan. In formulating the 12th Five Year Plan, the Planning Commission consulted much more widely than ever before, underlining the need for a more inclusive and interactive approach. During this process, inputs were provided by over 950 civil society organisations, multiple business associations, all State Governments, as well as local representative institutions and unions. The Plan has been approved by the National Development Council, and the aim now is to share its vision with the country’s citizens.

The details of the event are available on and the event will be streamed live via on 15th March at 5 PM. More details of the event will be made available via the Twitter handles of Planning Commission (@PlanComIndia) and Mr. Sam Pitroda (@sampitroda).

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