12th Five Year Plan Hackathon

The Planning Commission and the National Innovation Council are organising the first ever Hackathon on the 12th Five Year Plan (2012-17) on 6th – 7th April 2013. The Hackathon will invite citizens to innovatively communicate the Plan through creative visualizations and software applications.

The 12th Plan sets the vision for the next five years of growth. It is a document which advises the Government (Centre and State) on initiatives which will improve all walks of life. From education to environment and from water to space, you name it we have it in the Plan

While the 12th Five Year Plan endeavors to change India, we invite you to help us change the way we see the vision for the nation. Hack the Plan over a 2-day period, create out-of-this-world visualizations of the future, tell the next big story in a myriad ways and build apps to fuel the change.

For more information and participation visit http://data.gov.in/hackathon. You can also follow the event @PlanComIndia, @sampitroda and at facebook.com/PlanComIndia

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