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Third Meeting of the National Innovation Council

The third meeting of the National Innovation Council (NInC) was held on the 1st of April 2011 at the Planning Commission to review the progress of various initiatives since the last meeting, as well as outline the action agenda for the future.

Third Meeting of the National Innovation Council
Committee Room 122, Planning Commission
1st of April 2011

The third meeting of the National Innovation Council (NInC) was held on the 1st April 2011 at the Planning Commission to review the progress of various initiatives since the last meeting, as well as outline the action agenda for the future.

I. Tasks Identified for Action:

1. Mr Pitroda highlighted the need for NInC members to champion individual areas to ensure time-bound implementation of the NInC agenda.

2. Dr. Saurabh Srivastava provided an update on the India Inclusive Innovation Fund. It was decided that the final documentation on the Fund, including structure, framework and timelines would be prepared by April end. The minutes of the stakeholder meeting held with venture capital funds and entrepreneurship groups for input on the Fund would be shared with the NInC members. (Dr. Saurabh Srivastava).

3. An update on the Innovation Clusters was provided. It was highlighted that the industry innovation clusters and university innovation clusters effort would be integrated at the pilot stage. Out of the 55 identified clusters, 6-8 clusters would be selected for a pilot roll out where Cluster Innovation Centres would be created. To scale the effort, after the pilot stage there would be a phased roll out of 8-10 clusters every quarter for the year 2012-2013. A framework for evaluation would also be incorporated. It was also pointed out that NInC may explore cross-linkages among clusters to maximise synergies as well as creation of virtual clusters. CSIR’s existing innovation clusters may also be merged in the NInC cluster effort. (Mr. Samir Mitra, Mr. Keerthi Laal Kala and Ms. Mitakshara Kumari).

4. A presentation was made on the Innovation Toolkit and a virtual prototype was demonstrated. The toolkit would be part of the proposed National Innovation Portal. The first version of the toolkit and the portal would be available in the public domain by June end. (Mr. Vikas Bagri).

5. An update on the State and Sectoral Innovation Councils was provided. For enhancing the effort on Sectoral Innovation Councils, it was suggested that Professional Societies, with requisite domain expertise, could be involved. It was suggested that existing frameworks on benchmarking achievement could also be leveraged. It was also agreed that NInC would identify certain States based on their need and willingness to formulate State Innovation Councils and showcase them as successful models. (Ms. Kalpana Awasthi and Ms. Sukhman Randhawa).

6. On the proposed Reality Show on Innovation it was decided that NInC would own the IP for the format of the show, while marketing rights and other related activities could be done by a third party. The final proposal will be ratified at NInC. (Mr. Shekhar Kapur).

7. It was proposed that a Working Group on Innovations in media would be created under Mr. Shekhar Kapur’s guidance. (Mr. Shekhar Kapur and Mr. Rahul Nayar).

8. A presentation on current issues in the health sector was made by Dr. Devi Shetty. In this regard, a document would be prepared by Dr. Shetty by involving key stakeholders in the sector and NInC would approach the Prime Minister for seeking necessary intervention. (Dr. Devi Shetty and Mr. R. Gopalakrishnan, PMO).

9. Dr. Anil Gupta presented four proposals for promoting innovations at the grassroots. It was agreed that the challenges identified in the fourth proposal could be promoted by CII and FICII. These challenges would also be put up on the NInC website. Further, existing government schemes could also be explored for funding them. It was also decided that CSIR would fund ‘techpedia’, an online portal for networking technology students. (Dr. Anil Gupta and Dr. Samir Brahmachari).

10. Mr. Sam Pitroda emphasised the need for focused outreach efforts on innovation and discussed the possibility of members’ engagement through lecture series, television and radio programmes. In this context, the television channel of Lok Sabha could also be leveraged.

11. The next NInC meeting would be held in the month of June 2011.

II. Members
(A) The following members attended the meeting:
1. Shri. Sam Pitroda, Adviser to the PM (PIII) (Chairman)
2. Shri. Arun Maira, Member, Planning Commission
3. Dr. K. Kasturirangan, Member, Planning Commission
4. Shri. Shekhar Kapur, Film Director and Producer
5. Shri. Kiran Karnik, Former President, NASSCOM
6. Dr. Anil K Gupta, Executive Vice Chair, National Innovation Foundation
7. Dr. Saurabh Srivastava, Chairman, CA Technologies
8. Dr. Samir Brahmachari, Director General, CSIR
9. Dr. Sanjay Dhande, Director, IIT Kanpur
10. Dr. Sujatha Ramdorai, Professor, TIFR
11. Ms. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Chairman and MD, Biocon
12. Dr. Devi Shetty, Founder, Narayana Hrudayalaya
13. Shri. R. Gopalakrishnan, Executive Director, Tata Sons
14. Shri. R. Gopalakrishnan, Additional secretary, PMO (Member Secretary)
(B) The following members could not attend
1. Shri. Chandrajit Banerjee, Director General, CII
2. Dr. Ramesh Mashelkar, Chairman, National Innovation Foundation
3. Shri. Amit Mitra, Secretary General, FICCI
(C) Other Participants:
1. Smt Kalpana Awasthi, OSD to Adviser to PM
2. Mr. Samir Mitra, Office of Adviser to PM
3. Ms. Seema Gupta, CII
4. Ms Sukhman Randhawa, Office of Adviser to PM
5. Ms Mitakshara Kumari, Office of Adviser to PM
6. Mr Vikas Bagri, Office of Adviser to PM
7. Mr Rahul Nayar, Office of Adviser to PM
8. Mr Keerthi Laal Kala, Office of Adviser to PM
9. Mr Subrata Kundu, Office of Adviser to PM
10. Ms Aashima Seth, Office of Adviser to PM
11. Ms Deepti Ayyanki, Office of Adviser to PM

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