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The India Innovation Portal would provide a platform for collaboration, sharing and support by creating right synergies whether with financial institutions or between industry and academia. See details

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State/Sectoral innovation council                                                                                                                                        Industry/ University Innovation Clusters See details

India Innovation Portal Term Of Reference

India Innovation Portal

The India Innovation Portal, launched by the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, networks people, ideas, experiences and resources to galvanise the innovation community in India. The portal is an information aggregator and is intended to become a one stop resource on innovations in the country. The Portal has classified various innovation resources under Knowledge, News, Events, Media, and Directories and offers each user the power to personalise the portal to suits ones needs. The portal presents to the users resources on innovations happening across various sectors, resources categorised for different users such as Academia, Entrepreneurs, Industry, Government and Civil Society and resources for various innovation needs such as Funding, Policy, Intellectual Property Rights and Innovation Toolkits. It gives the users the flexibility to navigate the portal either through sectors, users or needs and provides further filtering mechanisms in each of these sections.

The portal also offers collaboration space in form of innovation communities, to foster cross fertilisation of ideas and knowledge flows. The portal will host communities for various innovation users including innovation clusters, State and Sectoral innovation councils.

We invite you to become part of this portal and share case studies, best practices, policy reports, news and media related to innovations happening in various sectors. Your support will make the portal a platform for developing multi-stakeholder partnerships and facilitating national and global collaborations. Please visit us on

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