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Towards a Decade of Innovation 2010-2020

Innovation today is increasingly going beyond the confines of formal R&D to redefine everything. Today innovation can mean new and unique applications of old technologies, using design to develop new products and services, new processes and structures to improve performance in diverse areas, organisational creativity, and public sector initiatives to enhance delivery of services. Innovation is being seen as a means of creating sustainable and cost effective solutions for people at the bottom of the pyramid, and is being viewed as an important strategy for inclusive growth in developing economies.

Realising that innovation is the engine of the 21st century the President of India has declared 2010 as the ‘Decade of Innovation’. To take this agenda forward, the Prime Minister has set up a National Innovation Council (NInC) to discuss and analyse an inclusive innovation strategy for the country.

NInC will seek to create a Roadmap for Innovations for the next decade by focusing on five key parameters: Platform; Inclusion; Eco-system; Drivers and Discourse.


The aim is to re-define innovations to go beyond R&D laboratories and factories to offer novel solutions that lead to inclusive growth for the people and by the people; foster appropriate eco-system across domains and sectors to strengthen entrepreneurship; focus on key drivers to ensure scalability, sustainability, durability and quality and expand the space for dialogue and discourse on innovation.

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