National Innovation Council

Realising that innovation is the engine for the growth of prosperity and national competitiveness in the 21st century, the President of India has declared 2010 as the ‘Decade of Innovation’. Read More

NInC Initiatives

State/Sectoral innovation council                                                                                                                                        Industry/ University Innovation Clusters Read More

International Collaboration

Analysing the Innovation perspectives around the globe. Read More

National Innovation Council NInC Initiatives International Collaboration

Design Innovation Network

Creation of an eco-system for design innovation and education in the country through Design Innovation Centres (DICs), Open Design School (ODS) and National Design Innovation Network (NDIN)



Global Innovation Roundtable

The National Innovation Council (NInC), Government of India has launched a Global Innovation Roundtable (GIR) as a policy dialogue to outline a new paradigm of inclusive innovation.



National Innovation Scholarships

Innovation Scholarships are intended to be an initiative to institutionalize innovative thinking in youth.



The India Inclusive Innovation Fund

A key proposal emerging from National Innovation Council deliberations: is the proposal to establish the India Inclusive Innovation Fund. This Council effort seeks to establish a Fund that will drive and catalyse the creation of an ecosystem of enterprise, entrepreneurship, and venture capital, targeted at innovative solutions for the bottom of the pyramid.



Tod Fod Jod - Supporting Childhood Innovation

Presentation on Pilot Programme - Tod Fod Jod which aims to inspire children to Discover, Experiment, Innovate.


Innovation Clusters - Pilot Update & Scale Up Plan

Presentation on National Innovation Council's Pilot Programmes and their scale-up plan.


Innovation Challenge to reduce worker drudgery

The first challenge launched by the National Innovation Council was a call for proposals launched in October 2011 to reduce the drudgery of the working class population.



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