Other Documents

Integrated Proposal for Design Education

The National Innovation Council is working with the Ministry of Human Resource Development on a proposal for the creation of 20 Design Innovation Centres, an Open Design School and a National Design Innovation Network that will connect these new design schools together, along with a wide range of stakeholders. The goal is to increase the reach of design education and promote wide-ranging design innovation.

Download the Design Centres Approach and working paper on Integrated Proposal for Design Education.


Industry Innovation Clusters: Draft Concept Paper

The National Innovation Council (NInC) has undertaken efforts to seed strengthen and sustain Industry Innovation Clusters. This note discusses the existing ecosystem in the country and details the proposed interventions of the NInC for fostering a culture of innovations.


University Innovation Clusters: Draft Concept Paper

This paper examines the need for seeding, strengthening and sustaining Innovation Clusters in Indian Universities. Universities are acknowledged as the knowledge and innovation torch bearers globally.


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